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Ball Jointed Dolls

Ball Jointed Dolls, BJD for short, are articulated dolls made out of Resin.

The Dolls are held together with Ball Joints and elastic string which makes them poseable.

They come in many different sizes, from a few centimeters to over 1 meter high.

What makes the hobby so big is that the dolls are fully customizable by the owner.

Eyes, wig and makeup are chosen by the owner after their own taste.

Some dolls are sold with all accessories already there. These are called "Full Sets".

Others are sold without, and then it´s up to the owner to choose what features the doll should have .

The Dolls and accessories are sold by established companies aswell as private artists and sellers.



The Makeup for the Dolls is called Faceup.

Some Dolls come with a faceup already made, but in most cases you have to pay extra to get a Faceup.

Many choose instead to send their doll to a Faceup Artist, or do it themselves.

Since Resin is a porous material you have to precoat the doll with a spray called sealant.

There are a couple different once to choose from, but we recommend Mr Superclear or Citadel.

Citadel is available at most hobbystores that sell things to paint minifigures, such as Warhammer.

When you´re going to paint you doll, we reccomend the following paints:
- Akrylic

- Dry Pastelles

- Watercolors

Do NOT use oilpaint on you dolls, that will stain them.

If you want to send you doll to a FaceUp Artist (which we recommend for beginners) there are alot of people offering that service online.

In our community on Facebook you can ask for help with finding the right artist for you.


Visit our Community here 

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Most companies also sell wigs for their dolls.

The wigs are made in different materials, such as mohair, alpaccahair, artificial hair ect.

Wigs come in every stile and color possible.

Do you want short hair?Long hair? Sidecut? There is a wig for every doll.

If you would rather make your own wigs there are many tutorials online on how to make different styles.

Search for "Wig Tutorial" on YouTube for example and you´ll find tutorials for the experienced wigmaker, aswell as the beginners.

If you would like to buyu a wig, please see the "Where can i buy a BJD" folder in the menubar.

What is a Recast?

Why does recasts hurt the hobby?

Recasts are copies of dolls from established companies and artists.

Recasts are illegal and forbidden at all events hosted by SBJDS.

The reason is that recasts hur the hobby and its artists, that make the hobby possible to begin with.

SBJDS work in close cooperation with companies and artists.

They are the ones that donate all the wonderfull things for our competitions and raffles at our events.

Therefor SBJDS has decided on a 100% ban on recasts on our events.

That means no illegal copies can be present.

Any commercial for companies/artist that has been accused of/been found gulity of copying is also fobidden.

Recasters, who copy the dolls, has nothing to do with the original creation of the doll.

They have not been a part of the process, skulpting or making of the doll.

The artist who have been working for months or even years with their design get 0% of the sales of recasts.

They get robbed of their own hard work.

In the spring of 2018 a recaster tried to trademark big doll comapny names in China to prevent the real companies to sell their dolls there..

This means people would have to buy his illegal copies instead of buying the real deal, or both the companies and the buyers could be accused of copyright infringement.

Did You Know That?

  • Most legit comanies only have a handfull of employees?

  • One doll could take several years to make?

  • Legit dolls are pricemarked as they are so that the workers can get a fair sallery and work enviorment?

  • If you buy a legit doll you will always have the company to contact if something would be wrong with the doll?

Don´t Steal, Buy Real

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