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About Scandinavian BJD Society

Scandinavian BJD Society is a non-profit organization that was started in 2014.

The goal of the organization is to promote the BJD hobby in scandinavia and be a place where people can get in touch with others with the same interests.

We are a not a political or religious organization.

We work in close co-operation with several big and small dollcompanies and artists, and are therefore 100% recastfree.


Chairman: Sebastian Eriksson

Economics: Tommy Viljestig

Contact: Evelina Bramstång

Do You Want To Become A Member?

  • It´s Free

  • You Get A Newsletter Every Few Months

  • The Society Gets Financial Contribution For The Members.​

Tack! Meddelande skickat.


Personal Information sent to Scandinavian BJD Society will also be left to the following:

  • Sverok

  • Studiefrämjandet

This due to the society presenting all their memberactivity to these for finacial constibution, borrowing of venues and administrative help.

If you don´t want your personal information with these associations or in our register, 

please send an email to:

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