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Jointed Hearts

Jointed Hearts is Scandinavian BJD Societys own convention dedicated to all collectors of Ball Jointed Dolls and other fashiondolls.

All sorts of collectable dolls are welcome at Jointed Hearts.
Examples of dolls that have visited our convention are:
Ball Jointed Dolls


Monster High

Ever After High



At Jointed Hearts visitors can activate themselves in a number of ways.


Each year Jointed Hearts holds a number of different contests.

Examples of contests previously held are:


-Best in Theme

-Best in Craft

-Visitors favourites

- Drawing contest

Buy and Sell

In our salesroom visitors can buy things from a great selection of vendors.
Visitors can also choose to sell in 2 different ways:

-Have a table of their own

-Sell through our Visitors Sales Table

The Craftingroom

In our craftingroom there is access to sewingmachines and a good collection of craftingmaterials.
Craftingticket is sold seperatly, and includes free usage of all materials and equipment in the craftingroom.

Sew clothes, make jewelry or accessories for your dioramas. 

The possebilities are endless.

Lectures and Workshops

With a number of lectures and workshops there is always something new to learn.
Examples of lectures and workshops previously held are:

-Make patterns for dollclothes

- Bookbindning in miniatureformat

-What are BJDs?

-What are Recasts and why do they hurt the hobby?
- Men who collect dolls

-Doll-spa - How to care for your dolls

-Dioramas - Tips and tricks

- What are Blythes?

- Felt-needle a dolldress

The showroom

In our showroom visitors can display their dolls for public viewing.

This is also where all competing dolls are displayed and later appraised by both visitors and the selected jury.

The Pukafé

In our own Café "The Pukafé" visitors can buy drinks and food for a small price.

Examples of food previously served in The Pukafé are:

-Cold drinks

-Warm drinks



-Ramen noodles

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