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workshops and lectures

*How do you sew a dress for a doll?
               *What are recasts and why do they hurt the hobby?
      *Learn to make food out of clay for dolls!
*Make fairywings for dolls!

These are just a few examples of workshops and lectures that will be held during Jointed Hearts 2019.
More lectures and workshops will be added and scheduled.

Do you want to hold a lecture or workshop during Jointed Hearts?
Then you can get a discount on your ticket!

We are always looking for new and excitin subjects to discuss and things to learn.

If you hold a lecture or workshop during Jointed Hearts you get a 100:- discount on a ticket of your choice.
The lecture or workshop has to be approved by us first.

Send in your proposal and we´ll be in touch!

Proposal for Workshop/Lecture
Workshop or Lecture?

Thank you for applying

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