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Do you want to visit Jointed Hearts?
Our tickets are sold in the Entrance, but can also be preordered for the planning type.

Weekendpass  200:-
Our weekenspass gives you access to the convention during both saturday and sunday.
This ticket is required if you want to compete.

Weekendpass + Craft  275:-

Our weekenspass with full access to our craftingroom!

Saturdayticket  150:-

Access to the convention during saturday.

Saturdayticket + Craft  200:-
Access to the convention and full access to our craftingroom during saturday.

Sundayticket  100:-

Access to the convention during sunday.

Sundayticket + Craft  130:-

Access to the convention and full access to our craftingroom during sunday.


Sneak-a-Peek  20:-.

Our special ticket for you who are curious about what Jointed Hearts is, but doesn´t want to join in any activities, contests, the raffle or visit the salesarea.
Come talk to us, visit the exhibition and see what it´s all about!

Limited edition set


With our Limited Edition Set you get to enjoy Jointed Hearts Red Carpet in the most luxurious way.
The set includes:
* 1 weekendpass + Craft
* 1 Coffeecard for unlimited tea and coffee
* 1 T-thirt with the Red Carpet Logo
* 1 SBJDS Pin
* 2 raffletickets



Last day to order 14/7-2019

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Here you can prepay your ticket for Jointed Hearts Red Carpet.
When you´ve filled out the form an e-mail will be sent within 2-3 days with paymentinfo.


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