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Jointed Hearts 2019 "Red Carpet" will be a spectacular party!
So what can you do during Jointed Hearts?


See the Exhibit

In our exhibit you can see a variety of collectordolls.
See the competing dolls, vote for your favourite in Visitors Choice and experience that unique doll that makes your heart melt.


In our craftingroom you with a craftingticket have free access to fabrics, sewingmachines, beads and much more.
Everything you need to let your creative side loose and give your dolls something new to bring home.

Meet Collectors

With multiple Mini Meets and workshops you can meet with other collectors and get a chance to see their dolls up close.
Don´t forget to ask permission before you touch though :)



In our saleshall you can buy everything between 

heaven and earth for your doll.
Maybe you´ll even bring your very first doll home from Visitors Salestable?
Experience new artists and say hello to familiar faces.


Jointed Hearts holds a variety of contests.
Exhibit you doll, try out the Faceupcontest, draw a picture in out drawingcontest or get the chance to be the crowd favourite in Visitors Choice.

Hang Out

In our Pukafé you can sit and enjoy a cup of coffee, a sandwich or perhaps a portion of Ramen de Luxe?
In the café there are always talkative people who won´t fret to share a few laughs with you.

Are you tired from running around admiring dolls?
Get comfortable in our Movieroom and enjoy some of the movies.
It is after all Red Carpet, and what would a gala be without movies?

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