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become a dollunteer

Dollunteers are Jointed Hearts Volunteers.

As a Dollunteer you get:
- Free Entry
- Free Food
- Free Room
- Partiipation in the exclusive Dollunteerraffle

Dollunteers work in shifts of 2 hours, with 2 hours free time between each shift.
There are 4 places to work in.
- The Entrance
- The Exhibition
- The Cafeteria
- Visitors Sales Table

We try to the best of our abilities grant requests on places to work in.
If you for certain reasons can´t be in a specific place, write that in the applicationform.

As a Dollunteer you also need to help with either prepping for the convention or clean up after the convention.
Please fill in wich one you prefer.

We try to the beft of our abilities grant requests on prepping or cleaning.
If you for certain reasons can´t help our in one of the alternatives, write that in the applicationform.


read this before applying

*When you fill in the form you promise to be present during the convention and work the shifts given to you.

*Dollunters must be present on both days (5-6 September) aswell as either during prepping or cleaning of  the convention (4 or 7 September).

*If you need to change shifts with someone during the convention, contact dollunteerorganizer Sebastian, and he will do what he can so solve it.


* Dollunteers who want to compete has to pay for a special ticket of 100:-

*Dollunteers who don´t show up to their shifts, don´t work during their shifts or brake the rules loose all priviliges of being a dollunteer.
- Entry
- Food
- Room
- Participation in the Dollunteerraffle

We want all of our wonderful Dollunteers to have a fun and giving experience.
It is therefore crutial that everyone helps out and shares the resposibility.

We hope you want to help make Jointed Hearts 2019 the best there ever was!

Apply to become a Dollunteer
Which place would you rather work in?
Do you need to stay in the sleepinghall?
Would you rather help prepp or clean the convention?

Thank you for applying!

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