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Face Up Contest

In our Faceup Contest those who choose to participate get a theme and a limited time to make a faceup on a head they have taken with them.
Materials are self provided, and the contest takes place during Saturday.

The winner is picked by a jury.
To compete a weekendticket is required.

Drawing Contest
In our Drawing Contest those who choose to participate get a theme and a limited time to make a drawing based on the theme.
Self provided materials are allowed, but we will also have simple materials for the spontanious participants..
The winner is picked by our visitors through voting.
To compete a weekendticket is required.



In the exhibition you as a visitor can compete in the following contests:
- Theme (BJD)
- Craft (BJD)
- Visitors Choice (BJD & Off Topic)

 To participate in the contests a weekendticket is required.

Here the theme Red Carpet is the main focus.
The competitor interpret the theme however they choose.
Let the crativity and imagination flow!
A jury will then choose 1, 2 and 3 place.
In this category only Ball Jointed Dolls can compete.

Here the craftmanship is the main focus.
How much has the competitor done themself?
How has it done everything?
What materials has been used?
How much time did it take?
A jury will then choose 1, 2 and 3 place.
In this category only Ball Jointed Dolls can compete.

Visitors Choice
Here the visitors choose the winners!
With 1 vote for Ball Jointed Dolls and 1 vote for Off Topic the desicion lies with the visitors.


General Rules
Every competitor can compete with 1 Ball Jointed Doll and 1 Off Topic doll.
The competitors Ball Jointed Doll will compete in both Craft and Theme automatically when competing.

Off Topic means all forms of dolls not counted as Ball Jointed Dolls.
Dollfie Dream, Monster High, Blythes, Barbies, Pullips, Smart Dolls ect.
These dolls can only compete in Visitors Choice Off Topic.

All dolls in the exhibition with a votingnumber are automatically competing in Visitors Choice BJD or Visitors Choice Off Topic.

Every competitior gets a tableslot to exhibit their doll on.
If your doll requires more than 40 cm of tableslot, a preebooking must be made through a form.
All our bigger slots are now booked.


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